Adwords Account Suspended for Billing info?

Unverified Billing Suspensions are often Old Suspended AdWords Accounts

Adwords Billing info incorrectIt may seem like a simple clerical error, but if Google can’t verify your billing info they’re not going to let you use their ad network. After all, they want to get paid too! Sometimes you’ll get this message for more complicated reasons.


If you received an adwords account suspension because of Google trying to verify your billing info it is for one of two reasons.

Old suspended accounts

The first reason is because you might have another account you have previously used and Google has been able to link your billing information to the old account. This often happens when you’ve had one account get suspended and you tried to open a new one.


What this means is you’re going to have to fix the other account that’s been suspended before you can get back on. Google never forgets old accounts. Even if it happened years and years ago, you will have to go back in and fix the problem.


For example, a client came who had a business that did about ten million dollars a year in revenue. The address they have for their business was a very small old house on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. When asked the client if they were running a business that does 10 million dollars a year out of a very small house in the middle of nowhere, they said they were not. They were using that address because they had been suspended in the past and were using the address to hide from Google. Of course, they were coming to because they got suspended, and we had to tell them they had to fix both accounts to get back in Google’s good graces.


Make sure that you or any business partner that you might have does not have another account that’s been suspended. Anything you do to verify your billing information will not work if you have a suspended account that can be linked to you. You’d be surprised what Google can link together as my client found out.


Verifying Billing Information


If you know with 100% certainty that there is not an old account that’s causing the suspension for billing, then it’s because Google wants to verify your credit card. Google makes most of its revenue through AdWords and it doesn’t want to be caught taking money from stolen credit cards. Worse, Google would have to pay back the money they took. That’s why they have internal checks to flag accounts if they think a card might be stolen or compromised. Fortunately, this type of suspension is very easy to fix.


This is one of those cases where you can call the help desk and get a straight answer and a fix. Ask them what additional information they need. They may require you to fill out an online form for the extra information. If you can provide the information, you can get your account back in business within 3-5 business days, which is very quick for a suspension.


Don’t panic if you see a suspension due to billing information. First, call the help desk to see if they just need some verification information. This will most likely happen with newer accounts. But if you have had an old account in the past and it’s been suspended, you’ll need to fix the old account before you can use your new one. Good luck on getting your suspension removed. We love to see people get back into Google’s good graces and if you need help, call us.