Your Blog Comments Could Be Hurting You

Your Blog Comments Could Be Hurting You

Untrustworthy claims are a quick way to get kicked off of Google, but there are places where they can sneak in without your noticing. A picture of a fit person without a disclaimer can be construed as an untrustworthy claim, for instance. There is one place, however, where false claims can be made without notice.

We had a client with a weight-loss product come to us. A competitor had left a comment on their blog with specific claims about the product, praising it in glowing terms and detailing how much weight they lost. Then the competitor ratted them out to Google. […] Read more

Can I Just Delete my Adwords Account?

Can I Just Delete my Adwords Account?

In a previous article titled “You and Google: Till Death do you Part”, I talked about how everything you do with a Google AdWords account is going to be tied to you, no matter what. A common question I get when talking to clients is why can’t I just delete the Adwords account and make a new one? It sounds very logical. Anything offending on the old account would be gone and you can get a fresh start with a new AdWords score.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Google infractions are much like getting points on your license from the […] Read more

Clearing Up AdWords Account Suspension vs. Suspended Website

Most people don’t know this, but there are two types of Google Adwords suspensions. One is a suspension of an AdWords account, and the other is a suspension of a website. They have important differences and you should be aware of them if you’re a Google AdWords user.

If you have a suspended website, this means that Google has found something it doesn’t like about it and has halted AdWords for that site. In certain cases, it may even de-list the website from their search results. However, the suspension doesn’t apply to the rest of the sites that are in an […] Read more

Adwords Account Suspended for Billing info?

Unverified Billing Suspensions are often Old Suspended AdWords Accounts

It may seem like a simple clerical error, but if Google can’t verify your billing info they’re not going to let you use their ad network. After all, they want to get paid too! Sometimes you’ll get this message for more complicated reasons.


If you received an adwords account suspension because of Google trying to verify your billing info it is for one of two reasons.

Old suspended accounts

The first reason is because you might have another account you have previously used and Google has been able to link your billing information […] Read more

Google Tightens Grip on Payday Loans – Bans from Adwords Ads

Sorry “predatory” lenders, Google just banned You

When you play in Google’s PPC pool, you have to abide by Google’s rules. Unfortunately for businesses, those rules can change at any time. Most of the time it’s easy for a business to adapt to the changes, but sometimes a change comes down that completely destroys a company’s PPC plan. One of these changes is getting your business added to AdWord’s list of prohibited businesses.

Goodbye, TitleMax?

Google has announced that they’re revoking AdWords access to certain types of lenders that they consider to be predatory. The new changes will take effect on July 13th of […] Read more