Common Questions About Getting Kicked Off Google Adwords

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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.

3 Reasons Why You Could Be Suspended From Google Adwords

3 of the most common reasons why you might of been kicked off and what to do about them. Remember, we are here to help so call or email today.

I have a new website and new business, why and I still suspended?

If you have EVERY been suspended you MUST fix the suspension if you want to advertise on Google again. It does not matter if you start a new business with a new website the suspension is still linked to you.

What are unrealistic claims according to Google Adwords?

You may have received an email telling you that you have been suspended for unrealistic claims but no other details were provided. This will give you more insight as to what Google considers unrealistic claims.

What happens when I keep calling into Google?

They will cut off all communication with you. If you have called in more than two times and you have not received the answer you want SSSTTTOOOPPPP calling them! They will block you from calling back in and communicating with them because you are not making any changes or improvement to your account / website each time you call in. Google has limited resources and if they don’t have time to tell you “They won’t tell you the exact issue, figure it out for yourself” multiple times.

What is a bridge page?

Were you suspended for a bridge page? This video will tell you exactly what a it is.

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