Recovering from the Google Slap: Our Process

This whole process has a money back guarantee and takes anywhere from 7 to 21 days. If for whatever reason you’re not back on Google Adwords you get your money back.

Step 1

You contact to discuss your specific situation to see what it will take to get your website unsuspended.

Please note, there are a few types of websites we CANNOT work with:

  • Get Rich Quick Website
  • A business model that is not accepted by Google
  • Most Affiliate Programs (About 97% of Affiliate Programs Can’t Advertise on Google)
  • If You Have Ever Threatened Legal Action Against Google
  • If You Owe Google Money In Another Account
  • If You Have Used Multiple Coupon Codes in Multiple Accounts For The New Advertise Bonus

Step 2 will review your account and landing page(s) and determine if we can help you.

Step 3 will perform an in depth review of your account(s), for ads, keywords and landing pages for violations.

Step 4

We come up with a very specific and detailed plan on what you have to do to get your website back on Google Adwords.

Step 5

The changes are implemented and your website is submitted to Google for a review.

Step 6

Your Adwords account is back up and running OR we have to do steps 4 and 5 based off of feedback from Google (It’s very common to have two or three rounds of revisions before an account is unsuspended).

Ready to Get Started? Contact Us to Get Back on Google

In some cases we charge a small retainer for the initial time it takes to review The account(s).