7 Steps to Get Back on Google

We follow this process for every client we accept. Apply today and we can take the 7 steps and help you get your account back up and running like it was before you got kicked off.

Step 1

You contact GetBackOnGoogle.com to discuss your specific situation to see what it will take to get your website unsuspended.

Step 2

GetBackOnGoogle.com will review your website and all the backlinks that are causing you to be suspended.

Step 3

GetBackOnGoogle.com will perform an in-depth review of your website for all the possible reason for an SEO suspension including the number of natural and unnatural (spam) backlinks.

Step 4

We come up with a very detailed plan of all the spam links and domains that will have to be removed and post them in an excel file.

Step 5

We start emailing the webmasters to remove the backlinks and document the responses in the excel file. If there is no response we will email and document a second and third time in the excel file.

Step 6

We create a disavow file on your behalf and upload to show all the websites that did not remove the spam link to your website. If there is a manual suspension we submit your website to Google to manually review what we have done. There is an excel file documenting all the websites that were emailed and their response. Google is looking for effort on your part in contact webmasters. We show the hard work that was performed on your behalf.

Step 7

Your website is unsuspended or repeat steps 5 and 6 based off of the feedback we get from Google. The time this takes depends on the number of backlinks that have to be removed. The more backlinks the longer it will take.

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