Get Back on Google Adwords or Your Money Back


We will get you back on Google Adwords just like you were before you got kicked off or you get your money back.

We use the same account and website because we fix the problem so when Google reviews your account(s) again you are ok to advertise and you won’t have anything to worry about.

Now you can sleep easy because you don’t have to worry about waking up and see you have been kicked off anymore.

There are certain types of account we cannot work with because Google
does not allow their business model.

  • Get Rich Quick Website
  • A business model that is not accepted by Google
  • Most Affiliate Programs (About 97% of Affiliate Programs Can’t Advertise on Google)
  • If You Have Ever Threatened Legal Action Against Google
  • If You Owe Google Money In Another Account and won’t pay it back
  • If You Have Used Multiple Coupon Codes in Multiple Accounts For The New Advertise Bonus

As long as you don’t have an account that has one of the reasons above then contact us to get started.

No Risk Opportunity to Get Back on Google Contact Us